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The Royal Guild of Adventurers was set up over two hundred years ago by the then King Edwin of Bereny. The idea behind the guild was to employ bounty hunters and other illegals who were capable of duties which were beyond the capacity of the army, such as hunting notorious outlaws and delving deep into the dungeons of the Kingdom to fight Undead. As the years went by the small group of adventurers gained fame and fortune and are now an accepted part of the Kingdom.

In the past the guild has been used as a 'secret police' force for the state and as the official poster of Crown bounties. Its most illustrious member being Naomi Tredach who joined the guild to prevent a constitutional crisis over the succession and went on to become perhaps its most succesful leader.

For further information, contact the Realm's First Adventurer,
the Leader of the Royal Guild, Baronness Miranda.



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